Real Volunteering

Make a difference in your community

We can help you learn new skills, meet local people and promote equal rights by becoming a volunteer at Real.

Some amazing volunteers are already helping us with:

  • welcoming visitors to our offices
  • running our information library
  • telling people in Tower Hamlets about what we do

We’d like to get more volunteers who can help us with things like:

  • teaching people how to use computers
  • working on the website and writing our newsletters
  • helping people fill in benefits and housing forms

You might like to help us for one hour a month, or maybe you have time to do something every week.

Maybe you want some skills to help you get a job, or are retired and want to keep your skills up to date.

Who can volunteer

We want to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer with us.

We’ve got lots of ways to support disabled volunteers and we’d like to work with non-disabled people who are interested in what we do as well.

Get more information

Real Volunteering
Phone: 020 7001 2176
Fax: 0872 113 3020

You can also send us a message using our online form.