Real weekly Covid-19 Bulletin

Priority Covid-19 Information (29th April)

  1. Local update: In Tower Hamlets:
    • 91,968 residents have now been vaccinated with their first dose
    • 24,616 residents ​have had their second dose administered.
  1. Covid Vaccine Video for D/deaf people: deafPLUS has been working with other deaf charities to produce a video to help save lives by encouraging Covid 19 vaccine take-up amongst ethnic minorities from the deaf community. Watch the video here.
  1. People 42 or over in England invited to book vaccine: Two weeks ago, the government began rolling out phase 2 of the vaccination programme. This involved offering vaccine appointments to people over the age of 45. This has now been extended to people over the age of 42. Appointments can be made through the NHS booking website.
  1. Support for ‘Long Covid’: There is growing evidence that some people who have had Covid can experience longer term effects. This has been termed ‘Long Covid’. The NHS has set up resources to help support people’s wellbeing during their recovery. Visit their website to find out more.
  1. Free covid testing available at home: All people in England now have to access free twice-weekly rapid covid-19 tests. In Tower Hamlets you can collect 2 boxes – which include 7 tests. For more information about where to collect these tests from in the Borough click here.