Real gives evidence to Tower Hamlets Council on loneliness, disabled people and COVID 19

Tonight, at the Tower Hamlets Council COVID 19 Local Engagement Board (part of the Health and Wellbeing Board), Real were asked to present information on loneliness as it affects disabled people in Tower Hamlets, and how things have changed as a result of COVID 19.

Real’s CEO, Mike Smith, presented to the Mayor (John Biggs), the Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Adults, Health and Wellbeing (Rachel Blake) and others. The presentation drew on experience from Real’s clients and disabled people and their allies across Tower Hamlets, using four examples (made anonymous) to highlight the complexity of the issues disabled people face.

He explained that the issue of loneliness affected many disabled people before COVID 19 and all that had happened was that it made many existing issues much worse. He gave evidence showing disturbing levels of loneliness across different groups of disabled people, especially affecting younger disabled people. Usually issues such as accessibility were made much worse by non-disabled people’s attitudes.

He gave the attached presentation which was very well received. As a result, councillors agreed to look again at their loneliness strategy to make sure it addressed the different kinds of issues experienced by people with different impairment types, and was fit for purpose at this current point in time.

Loneliness Presenatation 8 December 2020