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Families helping each other

We know lots of families are worried about the impact cuts are having on the care and support their disabled children get from the council and other organisations.

Local Link Information Line

We’ll help you get accurate and up-to-date information over the phone, by email or fax, or in person.

Real Direct Payments for Children

Real Children’s Direct Payments Support. How the Real Direct Payments for Children support can help you.

Real Independent Living Support

How Real Independent Living Support can help you. We’re here to help service users create and broker support plans.

Real Direct Payments for Children

Our service supports any parents, carers and families with disabled children who are eligible for social care and support from the council.

Setting up Direct Payments


Real Volunteering

Real Volunteering can help you make a difference in your community.

Real Training

Real Training can help teach you about computers and the internet.

Real Benefits Advice

Get support to apply for benefits or appeal against decisions. We’ll help you understand the financial support you can get from the government or the local council. As well as financial support for disabled people, we can tell you about other support you might get if you are also: unemployed or not earning very much […]

Rules for personal budgets

Although a personal budget gives you lots of choices, there are some rules around what support you can buy with it.

Real Independent Living Support

Having more say over your social care and support. We support anyone eligible for social care from the council.

Real Advocacy

Real Advocacy helps disabled people, including children, solve problems and fight for their rights.

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