Digital Inclusion

About the project

Real was funded by the Wakefield and Tetley Trust to run a digital inclusion project in 2021. The funding allowed us to purchase 5 tablet computers, and provide direct support to a number of our members. As part of this project we phoned round all our members to assess what level of digital literacy skills that had, and what additional support they might need to get connected. We identified 4 individuals who would benefit from the devices to either attend an online digital training course we ran together with Community Fibre, or to attend and access Real’s services.


There were a number of successes and challenges with this project, which will be published in our final report and can serve as a learning tool for other charities undertaking similar digital inclusion projects with disabled people.


In this section, we have included a list of digital inclusion resources.  Some of the resources are directed towards organisations that are planning on running a digital inclusion project like ours, and some of the resources are specific for disabled people developing their own digital skills.

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