Real Independent Living Support

Having more say over your social care and support

We support anyone eligible for social care from the council.

Depending on the care and support you need, you can get money from the council to pay for it. This money is called a personal budget.

Our service can help you work out how to spend your personal budget so you get support how and when you want it and from the people you choose.

You can choose things to help you get ready for the day, to help you get out and about more often or some support to go to college.

You can use your budget to get support from the council, or get new support from somewhere else, or you can choose a bit of both.

The important thing is that the support you choose gives you the help you and the council have agreed you need.

The council pays us to help you, so this service is free.

Who we can support

We can support anyone over the age of 18 who is eligible for social care.

If you already have a personal budget

Get in touch with us and we can start helping you have more say over your support:

Real Independent Living Support
Phone: 020 7001 2188
Fax: 0872 113 3020

How to apply for a personal budget

Contact the council’s First Response Team on 020 7364 5005 or to apply for a personal budget.

If you have a social worker, care manager or care coordinator you can ask them for help too.

You can also ask us:

Local Link
Phone: 020 7001 2175

Get more information

You can get more information about social care on the council’s website.