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Come along to our Volunteering Open Day on Friday 11 March

Come along and find out how you can help and support your Local Community When:  Friday, 11th March 2016, 10:30 – 15:15 Where:  The Council Chamber, Jack Dash House, 2 Lawn House Close, London, E14 9YQ For more information on this event click on the flyer included in the link below. And click here for […]

Press release: Disabled people in Tower Hamlets appeal to the Mayor – 5 September 2014

There is light at the end of the tunnel for disabled people in Tower Hamlets following an unprecedented decision with cross-party support at an important meeting of councillors. All eyes are now looking to the Mayor of Tower Hamlets to overturn an earlier decision, given that it appears he was not given full and complete […]

Details for Tuesday’s lobby, and tell us you’re coming please!

The purpose of the Lobby tomorrow is to make sure that both the councillors and the Mayor know how much people care about this and that they are being watched. The more people we get there, the more difference we will make. This really is about helping save this service for local disabled and older […]

Help organise our lobby of the Council

We are going to be holding a lobby outside of Tower Hamlets Town Hall, Mulberry Place, Tuesday 2 September. This is just before the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting that will be considering this issue. If you live locally, do come along. To ensure this campaign is led by the people we support, we’re going to have a […]

Real launches our “Keep it local” campaign

Real has now launched our campaign to ensure support services for local disabled and older people continue to be delivered by a local organisation, and preferably by A local user-led organisation of disabled people. We’ve been doing it for over eight years now, and have great feedback from you, our clients. We don’t think it’s […]

Local Link: ready to help you

Local Link is the collaboration between Real and eight other local organisations, giving you the information, advice and support you need as a disabled or older person

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