Real weekly Covid-19 Bulletin

Priority Covid-19 Information (2nd September)


Key points

  1. Local update in Tower Hamlets:
      • 204,092 residents have now been vaccinated with their first dose.
      • 157,471 residents ​have had their second dose administered.


  1. Vaccination and Testing sites are moving: 
      • The PCR testing site (for people with symptoms/needing a PCR test) at the Ecology Pavilion closed this week. The new PCR testing site will be located at John Onslow House, 1 Ewart place, Bow and will be open from Sunday 5th September at 12pm.
      • The Arts Pavilion – which has been one of the main vaccination sites – is also closing. The last day of operation will be Monday 6th September. The new vaccination site is being confirmed this week. We will keep you updated.


  1. Vaccine bus at Neighbourhood festival today: The All Points East In the Neighbourhood festival has been running this week at Victoria Park. Tower Hamlets Council is there with their vaccine bus offering jabs to anyone 16 and over who needs their first, or second Pfizer jab.
      • Vaccines are available today (the last day of the festival) Thursday 2 September 12pm to 7pm.
      • Anyone wanting to get vaccinated at the festival doesn’t need to book, they can just head to the bus anytime.
      • Anyone attending the event needs a valid Covid-19 Pass to gain entry.


  1. Webinar – How schools are staying Covid-safe this Autumn: After the recent lockdowns, everyone is looking forward to a school year where teaching and learning can continue in best place possible, the classroom. Whilst the risk from Covid-19 is lower, it remains, so schools across Tower Hamlets will continue to take steps to protect children, staff and the wider community.
      • Tower Hamlets Council has organised a webinar on Wednesday 8 September, 12.30pm to 1.30pm.
      • The webinar offers parents the chance to learn more about the safety measures our schools will use from September, ask questions and hear from local decision-makers and public health experts.
      • Join the webinar here.


  1. Covid-19 updated from Director of Public Health: Each week our Director of Public Health, Dr Somen Banerjee, publishes a Covid-19 update to keep residents and partners informed about Covid-19 in Tower Hamlets. If you want to stay informed with latest Covid-19 information, you can read the update here.