Real Weekly Covid-19 Bulletin

Priority Covid-19 Information (25th July)

Key points

  1. Local update in Tower Hamlets:
    • 193,291 residents have now been vaccinated with their first dose.
    • 107,362 residents ​have had their second dose administered.
  1. Guidance for people who were shielding: Following the announcement on the 12th July to remove most social distancing measures, the government are advising people  who were shielding to continue to take some precautions, particularly when meeting people and going shopping. This guidance includes:
    • Meet outside if possible
    • Make sure the space is well ventilated if you meet indoors
    • Consider whether those you are meeting are vaccinated
    • Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face
    • Continue to practice social distancing if it feels right for you
    • Asking friends and family to take a lateral flow Covid test before visiting you
    • Consider shopping a quieter times
  1. New online booking system for vaccines: Based on feedback from residents and young people, Tower Hamlets Council has now set up an online booking form to make it easier for you to book your local vaccine appointments:
    • Use their new booking form to get your vaccine at local clinics including the Arts Pavilion, East London Mosque, Granby Hall and many other pop-up clinics.
    • The form is quick and easy to use and is now in place alongside their dedicated helpline, which you can call on 020 7364 3030 to book appointments and ask questions.
    • Remember, if you don’t want to book many of their clinics are walk-in.
  1. Covid-19 cases continue to increase in Borough:The number of new people testing positive for Covid-19 in Tower Hamlets continues to rise. The rise of infections is mainly amongst the 15-34 year olds as they are least likely to be protected by the vaccination. The weekly incidence rate is marked asMaroon Red.

    • What do we mean by Maroon red? The below RAG ratings are what Public Health England use in their reports based on the latest Covid-19 incidence rates.



    • RAG stands for red, amber, green & indicates different levels  (green = good, red = bad)
          • Maroon red – more than 250 Covid cases per 100,000 residents
          • Dark red – 151 to 250 Covid cases per 100,000 residents
          • Red – 51 to 150 Covid  cases per 100,000 residents
          • Amber – 25 to 50 Covid per 100,000 residents
          • Green – less than 25 Covid cases per 100,000 residents