Real Action Against Disability Hate Crime Roundtables


RADHC Roundtable

Real Action Against Disability Hate Crime

Real’s Action Against Disability Hate Crime Project is funded for two years by Trust for London. We currently have one year’s funding left.

The primary aim of the project is to set up Jack Dash House as a third party Disability Hate Crime Reporting Centre, and to develop Disability Hate Crime Workshops that we can deliver to (a) communities affected by disability hate crime and (b) organisations/front line staff.

Disability Hate Crime Roundtables

Last year on the 12th October 2017, Real Disability Hate Crime Project hosted our first disability hate crime roundtable event (attended by over 30 people).

We are planning to hold/host three meetings per year – to bring key partners from across London together in Tower Hamlets.

The aim of these meetings is to share news and information updates from across the Disability Hate Crime sector, to share best practice and to share experiences and examples of what projects people are delivering (at the October 2017 meeting we had presentations from both Lambeth and Lewisham).

The event was a great success and it was decided that this type of event should continue – to further the work that is being done across London, to strengthen the bonds between partners and share ideas and best practice and ideas.

We also want to make our meetings accessible to local people living with disabilities in Tower Hamlets – which is why our meetings are open to members of our Local Voices Network. We hope this will also encourage more local people to become Disability Hate Crime Champions.

We currently have no funding to deliver these meetings.

17-24-30 is providing some funding for light refreshments during the meetings.


  • Our basic agenda;
  • Introductions – helping people get to know each other.
  • Key events/activities – sharing key dates and look at opportunities to collaborate on events/activities.*
  • Sector Updates – sharing news and information.
  • Project Presentations – one or two presentations (what people are delivering)
  • Ideas for development – encouraging collaboration between people and organisations.
  • Any Matters Arising / Any Other Business

*. we have been developing an Equalities Calendar which we are happy to share with partners.

We aim these round tables to take place every four months (February, June and October);

We will focus on Disability Hate Crime throughout the year, but touch on the other strands; LGBT to tie in with LGBT History Month in February, Faith issues in June, and Race Issues in October to tie in with Black History Month.

  • February 22 – LGBT issues – #NHCAW RECAP/Strategy Year Ahead
  • June 21 – FAITH Issue – DHC Resource Development
  • October 11 – RACE Issues – Thursday before #NHCAW as we expect everyone will be busy during NHCAW.

We will also encourage participants to collaborate on the development of an annual plan of action;

Reviewing the year in February and making plans for the year ahead, resources development in June, and tying in with NHCAW in October.

Signposting and promoting the Disability Hate Crime Sector

We will signpost the great work of others working in the Disability Hate Crime sector;

Disability Hate Crime Third Party Reporting Centre

Real runs a third-party reporting centre for those affected by disability hate crime in the borough of Tower Hamlets (unfortunately due to funding restrictings we cannot take on clients from other boroughs).

More information here;

22 February 2018

21 June 2018

11 October 2018