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About Real

Real DPO Ltd is a registered charity (1061671) and company limited by guarantee (3213172). Real is the registered working name of Real DPO Ltd.

Our registered office is Jack Dash House, 2 Lawn House Close, London, E14 9YQ.

Our offices are in Tower Hamlets, in London.


Real does everything we can to keep this website up-to-date. Sometimes, things may slip. So, we can’t be held responsible for any loss or damage that may happen if you use the information on here.

We can’t control the quality of information on websites that are linked to or from our site. Links from our website are only suggestions and you must check with the owner of the site the link goes to if you have any questions about the information. But, if there is anything on a linked site that you’re worried about or think is illegal or unsafe please let us know so we can decide if we want to remove a link.


Real doesn’t record or store any information about people who use our site unless they choose to share that information with us by signing up to our mailing list or filling out the online form. Otherwise, users stay anonymous.

If users do share information with us, we look after it and only use it for the reason it was given to us, for example to reply to a question or to send email alerts.

We don’t share our information with any other organisations unless the law says that we must.

Data Protection

If you share some personal information with us. you have the right to ask us questions about how we use it and to have it changed or deleted whenever you want.


This webpage is copyright to Real DPO Ltd.

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