Where and how to get shopping

Updated April 20th to include links to Shopping Slot and Dishpatch

The Guardian newspaper have produced an article on what shops are open when, and special arrangements for shopping for disabled people.

However many disabled people are reporting difficulty being able to arrange online shopping. This is because many people have booked up the forthcoming delivery slots.

Shopping Slot is a website that searches availability of supermarket delivery slots once you have entered your postcode.

ASDA have started a Volunteer Shopping Card scheme which provides a safer way for people self-isolating to buy shopping if volunteers are delivering it for them.

Sainsbury’s have agreed to prioritise delivery slots for older and disabled people. They’ve identified some people from their own records and you can also call the call centre to register (but there are long waits on the phone apparently).

Dishpatch is a search engine of smaller food and drink providers that deliver. Enter your postcode and select what type of food/drink you are looking for.

The New Convent Garden market has started doing deliveries of fresh vegetables. They aren’t very cheap but will be very fresh! Again a little pricey, but Borough Market are now delivering fresh produce around London.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets has made an announcement criticising some local shops for increasing their prices. However often small local shops do have things when the big supermarkets have run out.

The shops on Wapping Lane have grouped together to do free local deliveries for people in isolation. And this is a crowd-produced list of shops in London that can deliver, many of them smaller.

We will update this regularly when we get more information on local shopping issues.

There are also a number of community networks developing around the borough where people are volunteering to get shopping for other people


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