Tower Hamlets COVID 19 vaccination scheme for PAs

Real has worked collaboratively with Tower Hamlets Council, Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group and People Plus to set up a process for disabled people and their personal assistants/carers, employed under a direct payment or personal health budget, to access the COVID 19 vaccination alongside other frontline health and social workers.

We haven’t been paid for this work but we think it’s important to support local disabled people to be as safe as possible and this includes supporting them to get the vaccine for their PA/carers.

If you arrive at this page you should have received an email, text message or letter either from People Plus or Tower Hamlets Council. You should read the THC letter about COVID19 vaccinations for PAs. It contains really important information and you should make sure that you have fully understood it before accessing the vaccine booking system.

The booking system itself contains additional important information – please ensure that you read the instructions carefully.

You can also give us feedback on the booking system and process so we can work with the statutory partners to continuously improve this process. We know it isn’t perfect, but we’ve put it together in less than one week and modify it following a small pilot with local disabled people. We hope it helps you.

Once you are satisfied that you have fully understood the letter’s contents, you can

click here to access the booking system itself.

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