Information and support on coping during the coronavirus pandemic

At these difficult times we know that many disabled people, and older people who rely on support from others, feel concerned and worried about what will happen to them. Too often news on the media or comments on social media says that it “only affects older people or those with pre-existing conditions”. But for many of us, that’s us! So we at Real have put together information, and other guidance, to help us help each other through this difficult time.

We are really pleased that Tower Hamlets Council have been working with us so collaboratively to help put together the support that many disabled people need, and especially those who use direct payments to employ their own personal assistants/carers. In addition, People Plus (who run the direct payments support service) can also provide additional help and support.

This information will be updated on a daily basis. If you think there’s anything that we should update, or add, do let us know by emailing Together we can make this the best advice for local disabled people.

Click on the different topics on the menu on the left to access different information. The section on Guidance for people with PAs/carers has a number of subsections to help you manage your legal responsibilities, protecting your PAs and keeping them engaged, and creative ways to use your direct payments to meet additional needs at this point in time. It also includes guidance on obtaining and using PPE (personal protective equipment).

Keep safe everyone.

Updates to the guidance

09 September – Antibody testing for PAs/Carers information and FAQ added

20 April – Where and how to get shopping updated with links to Shopping Slot and Dishpatch

17 April – Where and how to get shopping updated with link to ASDA Volunteer Shopping Card scheme

2 April – PPE guidance updated to include handy guides on accessing and using PPE, and preventing infection

2 April – PAs travelling during the lockdown updated to include reference to new “Proof of key worker status” letters issued by Tower Hamlets Council

2 April – Extra help from Tower Hamlets Council updated to include letter sent from Tower Hamlets Council to all direct payments recipients, and changes to the “Proof of key worker status” letters

2 April – Making contingency plans updated to include list of Tower Hamlets Council approved care agencies


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