What is coronavirus/COVID-19

This is a new virus that is travelling around the world. This specific virus is called COVID-19. To keep things simple, throughout these pages we are going to refer to it as coronavirus.

Click here for a really good guide on the BBC website which gives you general information on:

  • how to protect yourself, how the virus gets spread
  • what the symptoms are
  • how bad can it be for different people (the vast majority, 80%, develop mild symptoms only, but some people have much worse conditions that require intensive care treatment in hospital).

The rest of the guidance on this website gives you extra information on what to do if you are more “at risk“, or “extremely vulnerable“, and the extra steps you need to take if you fall within those groups. It’s really important you check those lists first.

We’ve also created a whole section on extra advice if you have PAs or carers

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