Using your direct payments flexibly

Tower Hamlets Council have said that they are happy for people to use their direct payment flexibly if that helps them meet their assessed needs during the coronavirus. All they ask is that you keep appropriate receipts (if relevant) and account for it in your next monitoring. They are open minded to a variety of different ways you could use your direct payments to meet your needs. Examples might include:

  • buying additional PPE (personal protective equipment) from local pharmacies or online
  • paying extra for agency support compared to the rates given in your support plan, if you’re standard contingency arrangements won’t work
  • paying for a PA/carer to get a taxi to work if they are reluctant to use public transport and otherwise unable to get to work
  • increasing your hours if you need extra support because you are ill
  • paying for online delivery of food
  • getting hot food delivered if you can’t cook for yourself and have no support.

These are only ideas and there may be other things that are more suitable for you. Quite often disabled people have the clearest idea of what would help them the most. Ultimately it’s for you to use common sense and be able to explain how and why you used the money the way you did.

There is a group on Facebook of disabled people who use direct payments who are coming up with other creative ideas. If you use Facebook you could join the group using the link below and get ideas from other people, or share your ideas.

PA employer discussion forum
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A discussion forum for disabled people who employ their own personal assistants (carers), usually using direct payments. It can be for questions aroun…
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