PAs travelling during the lockdown

Updated 2 April to include reference to new “Proof of key worker status” letters issued by Tower Hamlets Council

If at all possible PAs/carers should avoid using public transport (where they might come in contact with others) to facilitate social distancing. This is especially the case if travelling during rush hour.

In any case, Transport for London has closed some stations, and reduced frequency of trains on some routes. So people should plan their journey carefully, checking status updates on the TfL website. There have been suggestions that more of the London transport system could be closed down to support social distancing, so keep an eye on travel options daily.

Proof of key worker status

Travel to essential work is one of the few exceptions on the current lockdown. But your PAs/carers might want to keep evidence with them to prove that they are travelling to essential work (as they won’t have anything handy like an NHS or agency identity card). You should consider providing them with a letter verifying that they are doing essential care work.

Tower Hamlets Council have produced a pro forma proof of key worker status letter on their headed stationery. You can give this to your PA/carer once you have completed it. One copy has been sent to each direct payment recipient. If you need extra copies you can get them by contacting from Real, People Plus or the DP monitoring team.

Alternatively, PeoplePlus have produced a template letter you could use to reproduce and print letters to give to your PAs/carers.

Whilst you are waiting to issue these letters you could encourage your PA/carerto carry a copy of their job description or contract of employment.

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