Extra help from Tower Hamlets Council

Updated 2 April to include letter sent from Tower Hamlets Council to all direct payments recipients, and changes to the “Proof of key worker status” letters

As part of a package of support to help you manage your own care and support arrangements Tower Hamlets Council are:

  • giving all direct payments recipients an extra 10% contingency fund in your next payment which is due in early April – you can use this creatively to meet extra costs arising because of the coronavirus pandemic
  • relaxing some of the rules around how you use your direct payments
  • implementing the London Living Wage uplift due in April 2020
  • working with People Plus to provide extra support if you need to implement alternative arrangements, e.g. with different agencies
  • providing a template for people to give to their Personal Care Assistance as evidence of key worker status for travel and other purposes
  • giving access to free PPE purchased centrally on behalf of direct payments users.

Tower Hamlets Council have also said they will limit the number of non-essential reviews carried out at the moment, and will try to fast track any requests for additional assistance because people need additional assistance in order to cope during the coronavirus pandemic. In this situation you can contact Local Link for further advice, and the adult social services first response team for more information (click here for the contact details)

Here is a copy of the letter written by Tower Hamlets Council to all direct payments recipients

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