Before and arriving at work

It’s a good idea to ask your PAs/carers to be extra careful when travelling in the public environment on the way to work. You want to minimise the risk that they are bringing the virus into your home. You might want to consider adapting the following guidelines to make things work better for you. If they aren’t already you should encourage them to minimise their contact with other people by following social distancing as much as possible. This will help protect them, and you.

Change in start time – Think about when people arrive and leave. Can you change this so that people avoid rush hour especially if they are using public transport? With schools largely shut then mid-morning or mid-afternoon should be the quietest time to use public transport. This can help reduce your PA/carer’s exposure to other people and therefore reduce the chances of them picking it up.

Bring extra clothes to work – If your PAs/carers travel by public transport consider asking them to bring at least one change of clothes for their current shift, to change into when they arrive. They should also bring an extra carrier bag or similar to put the clothes they are wearing on the journey into after they have arrived. You could also suggest they bring and store some extra clothes in case they aren’t going to be able to leave at the end of their scheduled shift.

Taking extra care on the way to work – ask your PAs/carers to try and touch as few things as possible on the journey. They should try to press lift buttons with their elbow or through a piece of clothing. They should do the same with door handles. Basically they should limit their contact with things that other people touch.

As soon as they arrive – As a minimum they should wash their hands using the prescribed methodology (see below). If you want to be really safe you could ask them to take a shower, putting their clothes into the spare bag they brought before they shower, and changing into the clean clothes after.. They should then leave that bag of clothes somewhere away from you until you leave. When they have finished showering they should then clean the handle to the bathroom door and anything else they have touched on the way in. They should also clean their mobile phone.

Cleaning guidance

This is a BBC guide on how to wash your hands properly.

Although not in English, this is a very good visual guide guide because it shows so clearly what happens if you don’t do it properly

Here is a guide on how to clean your smart phone safely.

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