Easy read guides

Real has collated a number of easy read guides to help you, or the person you support understand essential Covid-19 health information better.


About Coronavirus and Staying Safe


Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe produced by KeepSafe





Why We Wear PPE produced by KeepSafe






About Coronavirus produced by EasyHealth






Swab Tests: How It Works produced by the NHS Foundation Trust






Coronavirus in Hospital produced by EasyHealth







A Guide to Your Covid-19 Vaccine produced by Public Health England






Information about the Coronavirus Vaccine produced by Mencap

[This was made on 8 December 2020 and information may have changed since then. It is about the Pfizer vaccine.]



Coronavirus Vaccine Information produced by The Down’s Syndrome Association

[This is about the Pfizer vaccine, and says that the second dose will be given 3 weeks after the first. This policy has since been changed.]






Coronavirus: What If I Get Ill? produced by Keepsafe




Moving Out of Lockdown



How We Will Move Slowly Out of Lockdown produced by the Cabinet Office






Guide to Lockdown Rules produced by Mencap




Beyond Words

Beyond Words have created a series of short wordless stories to help people explore important topics relating to Coronavirus. Each story is co-created with and for people who find pictures easier to understand than words. Have a look at some of the stories below or visit their website for more wordless picture stories.



When Someone Dies From Coronavirus





Good Days and Bad Days During Lockdown





Having a Vaccine for Coronavirus





Beating The Virus




Keep Safe is a new website full of easy read resources about coronavirus.

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