Information and support on coping during the coronavirus pandemic

Now that all restrictions in the UK have been lifted and the world is opening back up, we know that many disabled people, and older people who rely on support from others, still feel concerned and worried. With social distancing rules lifted and masks no longer required in crowded places like public transport and shops, this can make going out and being safe challenging for those with underlying health conditions or other factors that place them at an increased risk. The public narrative is now that life can go back to normal, but for those with medical conditions life is not back to normal and the risk of catching Covid-19 and becoming seriously ill is still a reality. 

We feel that disabled people and others who may be more at risk have been largely left out of the Covid narrative. Therefore, we at Real have put together information and other guidance to help you through this transition period.

We have compiled relevant information on Covid guidance, advice on how to manage its impact and resources on how to access support while safeguarding you and our community. We also have links for simple written materials on important topics such as vaccination, symptoms and transitioning into new routines.

We are pleased that Tower Hamlets Council have been working with us so collaboratively to help put together the support that many disabled people need, with a particular focus on those who use direct payments to employ their own personal assistants/carers.

If you think there’s anything that we should add, do let us know by emailing Together we can make this the best advice for local disabled people.

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