Legacy Workshop


At the end of the project, we ran a workshop with the Steering Group and active members to reflect on what Local Voices had achieved in the last 8 years. The session provided an opportunity for members to come together and celebrate the successes, and share what activities had given them the most personal satisfaction.


We asked members:

What activity made a real difference to the disabled community?


 They answered: 

  • Westfield shopping centre- access work 
  • Museum of childhood-advising on access ability 
  • Improving public toilets access ability 
  • Hosting formal council consultations  
  • Challenging transport providers in many ways to improve access on their services 


We asked members: 

What activity gave you the most personal satisfaction?


 They answered: 

  • lobbying DLR to make specific changes to facilitate easier access for visually impaired passengers 
  • Wellbeing sessions, including art therapy and other storytelling techniques so that disabled people were able to describe their pandemic experiences 
  • the annual accessible transport day, coproduction with the Accessible Transport Forum  
  • 1-2-1 training sessions 


Quotes from workshop attendees


“We have set into the mind set of people who are designing things that they have to design them with in the acceptable measurements for disabled people .”


“A massive achievement was the fact that we were able to get into the heart of the council, in terms of the consultations, and we were able to shape the councils thinking.”


“Local Voices has done a tremendous job in making the toilets accessibility for disabled persons especially in the tube stations.”


“It’s been a privilege to be part of the project.”


“What I have seen of it in the virtual world [sessions during lockdown] it has been good, engaging and enjoyable.”


“I did a one-to-one training on social media, this was a wonderful thing that I had achieved through Local Voices.”


“Tesco meal deals – they accessed everyone’s needs!!”


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