Key Achievements


Over the 8 years of the project’s lifespan, the network achieved considerable success in engaging local disabled residents, and influencing local decision making. Our annual reports provide full detail about the reach of our projects and the ways in which we contributed to affecting change within the local community. Below, we provide a summary of some of these key achievements.


In the last 4 years, Local Voices Active Members have taken part in 376 engagement activities. Many of these activities took place in the following events:

  • 36 consultations
  • 35 workshops
  • 59 community based activities
  • 43 professional forums
  • 36 training sessions

We also carried out co-production work with: 25 local partners


Core theme achievements

Each year, the Local Voices Steering Group decided on which priority areas they wanted to focus on. These included issues around Access/Transport, Community Safety, Housing, Social Inclusion and other important core themes. Here is a summary of Local Voices achievements within our more recent core themes.


Access / Transport

  • Ensured transport stakeholders had a clear idea of the accessibility needs of disabled people, and all impairment groups
  • Made recommendations to achieve this
  • Agreed which recommendations were deliverable and monitored progress

Example : DLR access audit

Local Voices influenced change on several key accessibility issues within the DLR including:

  • 100% increase in priority seating, from four seats per carriage to 8 seats per carriage
  • Ensuring a priority seat was adjacent to every door
  • Improving signage to indicate position of wheelchair bay
  • Reviewing door timings [opening\ closing]
  • Changes to use of platform-based emergency alarms


Social / Digital Inclusion

  • Ascertained the needs of our members and the nature of their exclusion
  • Helped to remedy this as much as possible
  • Referred to, or worked in conjunction with other stakeholders to achieve a positive outcome

Example : Local Voices training programme

Local Voices provided an extensive range of training modules to ensure disabled people are better equipped to use computer technology on a day to day basis.


Community Safety

  • Created safe reporting spaces and helped establish safeguarding protocols
  • Organised events for members to feedback directly to relevant stakeholders

Example : Community safety day

Local Voices organised a community safety day with the Metropolitan Police and other key stakeholders to build community cohesion and create a peer support network.


The Pandemic

  • Developed new accessible methods of communicating quickly with our membership
  • Reviewed and created engagement project work relevant to the needs of our membership whilst in lockdown
  • Provided online safe space areas and peer support
  • Created a bespoke projects allowing our members to contribute in many different ways

Example : The Storytelling Project

Local Voices provided an accessible, peer supported environment for disabled people to recount their experience of the pandemic. This included workshops using poetry, art, drama, animation and prose to help participants find creative ways to express how the pandemic had affected them.


At the end of the project, we ran a Local Voices Legacy workshop to give members the opportunity to tell us what they felt were the biggest achievements of the Local Voices Network and what had given them the most personal satisfaction. Read the outcomes of the workshop here.


Read more about the achievements of the Local Voices Network over the last 8 years in our annual reports.

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