Project Challenges

The Greatest Challenges to Delivering the Local Voices Project 

Despite the fantastic achievements of this project, there were a number of challenges which made it more difficult for it to maximise its potential. The challenges presented themselves time and time again with each cycle of the project, and should be used as a learning tool for other organisations wishing to deliver this type of project. 

This list below is based on feedback from the active members and the staff delivery team. There was a high degree of consensus. 


  • Time \ Capacity Issues 

The ambition of the project was high from the Council, Real and the local disabled community. However, the budget available only allowed for a small number of staff hours to facilitate the project. The lack of capacity and time meant that delivering the minimum KPIs for each quarter was always problematic, and that the scope of the project had to be narrowed to deliver was was realistic within the allocated budget.    


  • Engaging The Constituents And Other Stakeholders

Engaging new groups of people on a continual basis was challenging for a number of reasons. When promoting a new activity it was important that the offer was always as relevant and attractive to them as it could possibly be. 

When designing promotional materials for activities, the question was always posed [on behalf of the membership] what is in it for me? 

It’s a simple enough premise in theory but in practice, it was a really hard sell for some of the activities we have provided over the years! 


  • What next after Local Voices ?

Members expressed concerns over the future of engagement for disabled people in the borough.

This concern was mainly based on the fact that Real did not win the contract to deliver the replacement engagement project for Local Voices and both the new contract and the new provider represented unknown quantities whereas Real / Local Voices was seen as safe hands.

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