The Local Voices Legacy

Local Voices Ran for 8 Fantastic Years!


The Local Voices Network was established in 2013 and came to an end in 2021. Funded by Tower Hamlets Council, and facilitated by Real it gave residents the opportunity to influence local issues that affect disabled people. The network helped to ensure that disabled people were put at the heart of decision making in the Borough and consulted on priority areas agreed by the Local Voices Steering Group and the Council.


Over 8 years, Local Voices ran hundreds of activities, including consultations, workshops, training sessions, community work to make our borough a better place for disabled people and people with long-term health conditions.


In the last four years alone Local Voices provided over 130 engagement activities and facilitated at least 164 training places in workshops!


In celebration of the fantastic achievements of the Local Voices Network, Real has put together a collection or resources that demonstrate the successes of the project and provide best practice guidelines for other organisations wishing to develop a user-led disability network to influence local decision making.


A massive achievement was the fact that we were able to get into the heart of the council, in terms of the consultations, and we were able to shape the council’s thinking.” – Local Voices Steering Group Member

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