NOW: The Network of Workers

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The Network of Workers  is the co-production team that supports Real’s inclusive employment project. We are the ‘experts by experience’, a volunteer group of employees, retirees, students and job seekers in Tower Hamlets. We are visually impaired people, and deaf people, some of us are neurodiverse or have long term health or mental health issues, and some of us have mobility issues or learning difficulties. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds, faiths, sexualities and genders and, like one in five people in the UK, we all meet the Equality Act’s definition of being ‘disabled’ [ ONS 2021]. 

Together, we work to improve the employment chances for disabled Londoners. This means recommending changes to traditional job recruitment, employer information and communication, work premises, induction and training practices. We want a future in which all Deaf and disabled employees get their access needs met, so they can get back into work and get on with their jobs. Just like anyone else. 

Joining NOW means you can:  

  • Have your say on a range of disability employment issues. 
  • Contribute to our ‘Co-production Workshops’. 
  • Take part in questionnaires and consultations. 
  • Help us advise employers.
  • Create online resources for professionals.
  • Find out about your rights and where to find legal advice. 
  • Hear about ‘back to work’ opportunities.
  • Be part of a fun and dynamic co-production group. 
  • Work with others to promote meaningful change. 


“I enjoy the workshops and the sharing of opinions and views.” 

“The project allows others to hear my perspective.” 

“I like that my efforts can help bring changes in the workplace for disabled people.” 

Ready to sign up?

Just get in touch with us directly.



Luke Dinsmore, Employment Advice Co-ordinator: 07458 304615 

Wendy Haslam, Senior Employment Adviser: 07305 845359    

Reception: 020 7001 2170   

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help. 



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