Network of Workers (NOW)

What can we offer you as a disabled employee or someone looking for work? 

Our Network of Workers (NOW) is your chance to make your voice heard and influence employers. Together, we will work to change their employment practices to improve the level of accessibility at work or to improve your chances of gaining employment. The network is made up of a group of disabled employees, volunteers, students and job seekers in Tower Hamlets.  

NOW members have a real say in how we train, guide and influence employers to improve things for disabled applicants and staff. You will also have the chance to take your employment and recruitment concerns directly to employers to ensure they are addressed. NOW members will also receive helpful information about disability employment rights and tips about where to go to get help. 

Membership of the Network of Workers (NOW) means you can: 

  • Be part of a dynamic network of current employed disabled people and aspiring disabled employees. 
  • Receive vital information and resources about your disability employment rights. 
  • Contribute to ‘Co-production Workshops’, where we ask for your views on a range of disability employment issues. 
  • Take your own issues and concerns directly to local employers  
  • Help us create guidebooks for employers to ensure they know how best to be inclusive of their disabled employees and to improve the accessibility of their recruitment processes. 

How can you get involved?  

All our brilliant services are FREEYou simply need you to: 

  • Sign up to become a member of the Network of Workers (NOW) 
  • Keep us updated on the progress you make with your employment journey, so we can share any good practice with other employers and help spread positive change.   
  • Give us feedback on how the project is working for you and what else we could achieve together. 

Membership is FREE. Join us NOW!  


Wendy Haslam: 07305 845359 

Luke Dinsmore: tbc 



Real reception:  

Phone: 020 7001 2170 


Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help! 


For information on your employment rights during the coronavirus pandemic click here.

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