Telephone Reports

1-1 telephone surveys

To ensure the success of this project, it was important that we fed back the findings to public health in real time as opposed to waiting until the end of the project. Due to the continuing changing landscape of the pandemic, issues affecting local disabled people were constantly changing and evolving too, so after each set of 1-1s interviews we submitted a report directly to the Council so they could integrate them into their Covid strategy. The reports included key insights from phone conversations, personal testimonies and suggestions as to how Covid-19 health messaging could be improved and adapted. Please find below links to the reports submitted to public health from the telephone interviews we carried out:

Week 1 telephone Insights report

Week 2 telephone insights report

Week 3 telephone insights report

Week 4 telephone insights report

Week 5 telephone insights report

Week 6 telephone insights report

Week 7 telephone insights report




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