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We are excited to announce the launch of our new project, Fair Care London.

Fair Care London is a consortium of five Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations (DDPOs) based in London; Real, Action on Disability, DASL, Merton CIL and Richmond AID. We have a long track record of campaigning for disability rights, driving positive change with and for Disabled people and we are user led.

We want the government to rethink its charging reforms and policy, and to protect all Londoners from catastrophic care costs.  It is not right that Disabled people who need support to live an everyday life are forced to choose between heating and eating because of social care charging. We need decision makers to consider free care as a viable option.

Unlike services provided by the NHS, social care is not free. Even people on low income have to pay for their care, often out of their disability benefits. Charging for social care is in effect a tax on Disabled people. It traps Disabled people in poverty.

Together we will showcase that charging for social care support is counterproductive. In fact, investment in social care increases financial productivity while reducing demand on welfare benefits and public healthcare services. Investing in social care to support Disabled people also improves their mental health and enhances their independence.

London’s local authorities have a responsibility to protect Disabled people from the catastrophic consequences stemming from social care costs; many will have to live for years trapped in poverty, choosing between heating, and eating while paying for care.

With the cost-of-living crisis we are currently facing, and the continuously increasing charges imposed by local authorities, Disabled people are the hardest hit. Without urgent action many Disabled people, and their families, will be crushed by rising debts.

Our goal is free social care in line with the NHS. In the interim we will work with councils to ensure no Disabled person has to give up their modest income from benefits to pay for social care. We are doing this together and we need Disabled Londoners and DDPOs to join us in this cause

We count on your support!

Are you Disabled and would like to share your story of accessing social care in London? Or are you a supporter to a Disabled person being impacted by social care charges?  Do you work in a DDPO to improve Disabled people’s lives?

Please get in touch and join our campaign. We want to hear from as many Disabled people and allies as possible. We are stronger together.

Sign up: https://bit.ly/3moNECi

Email:  FairCareLondon@real.org.uk

Phone: 020 7001 2170

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