Real Action Against Disability Hate Crime Round Tables

Real’s Action Against Disability Hate Crime Project was funded for two years by Trust for London from January 2017 to December 2018.

The primary aim of the project was to;

  • promote disability hate crime awareness,
  • set up Jack Dash House as a third party Disability Hate Crime Reporting Centre,
  • and to develop Disability Hate Crime Workshops that we can deliver to communities affected by disability hate crime and partners front line staff.

Real Action Against Disability Hate Crime Round Tables

The Real Disability Hate Crime Project hosted our first disability hate crime round table event (attended by over 30 people) on the 12th October 2017 as part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017.

The plan was to hold/host three meetings per year (February, June and October) – to bring key partners from across London together in Tower Hamlets.

We focused on Disability Hate Crime throughout the year, but touch on the other strands; LGBT to tie in with LGBT History Month in February, Faith issues in June, and Race Issues in October to tie in with Black History Month.

The aim of these meetings is to share news and information updates from across the Disability Hate Crime sector, to share best practice and to share experiences and examples of what projects people are delivering across London.


  • Introductions – helping people get to know each other.
  • Key events/activities – sharing key dates and look at opportunities to collaborate on events/activities.
  • Sector Updates – sharing news and information.
  • Project Presentations – one or two presentations (what people are delivering)
  • Ideas for development – encouraging collaboration between people and organisations.
  • Any Matters Arising / Any Other Business

Signposting and promoting organisations working in the Hate Crime Sector

We will signpost the great work of others working in the Hate Crime sector;

More information here;

22 February 2018

Download February Report here 2018 02 LGBT Real Disability Hate Crime Round Table Report

21 June 2018

Download June Report here.2018 06 FAITH Real Disability Hate Crime Round Table Draft

Disability Hate Crime Round Table – Last event 12 February 2020

Since the start of 2019 our Disability Hate Crime Round Tables have been continued by the Local Voices Project.

Register here to attend our last Disability Hate Crime Round Table on the 12th February 2020


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