Our board

Our board of trustees is made up of local disabled people.


  • Henry Stone

Other members

  • Owais Niaz
  • Mahendra Rastogi
  • Martha Stafford
  • John Sharp

Contact the board

You can contact the board via hello@real.org.uk


Would you like to join the board?

At Real’s AGM of Real on Saturday 13 May we were delighted to welcome new members to Real’s board: Owais Niaz was elected to the board. It’s great to have new people keen to be involved in leading our organisation.


As a user-led organisation of disabled people, our constitution says that only 75% of the board should be disabled people. Currently we have 100% which is great, proving that we are true to Real’s tagline of “disabled people working together for real choices”.


Real’s board will comprise 9 people, with the remaining 3 positions filled by an appointments process. This is so that we can ensure that we have the best possible mix of skills, experience and diversity on the board. The new board membersare currently undertaking their skills and experience review to identify any gaps that may need filling and will shortly announce the appointments process. Anyone is entitled to apply when the appointments process opens, whether or not you are disabled or already a member of Real. Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook pages for the announcement, and we will send a special email to Real members when the appointment process goes live. Alternatively, if you want to express your interest in receiving an application pack now, send an email to hello@real.org.uk or call 020 7001 2180


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