Annual Report 2017

The Board of Trustees present their annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 2017. The Board is satisfied with Real DPO Ltd’s performance during the year and the position at 31 march 2017.

The trustees would like to acknowledge the hard work of Real’s management team and staff. They continue to develop and expand the organisation’s work to meet the needs of the disabled people of Tower Hamlets in line with its aims and objectives. The board is always impressed at the dedication, competencies and skills of our staff; it’s clear that they collectively make a real difference to disabled people in Tower Hamlets.

I’d also like to thank the rest of the trustees for their time and support throughout the year.

The trustees consider that the charity is in a good position to continue its activities during the coming year, has conducted adequate planning for future changes in funding, and that its assets are adequate to fulfil its obligations.

We commend to you the annual report.

John Per


Click link below to download the PDF copy of the report.

Real – Trustees Report and Financial Accounts

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