Real’s Covid-19 Bulletin

Priority Covid-19 Information (last updated 14 April 2022)

Local update in Tower Hamlets: 

  • Cases and trends
  • The weekly incidence rate has decreased and is now 503.7 per 100,000.
  • There were 1672 Covid-19 cases in Tower Hamlets in the latest 7-day period.
  • The overall positivity decreased to 10.8%
  • ONS  estimates indicate that there are an estimated 7.5% with Covid19 in Tower Hamlets
  • Vaccinations
  • 238,278 residents have been vaccinated with their first dose and 215,945 residents have been vaccinated with their second dose.
  • 139,432 residents have been given the booster vaccination in total in Tower Hamlets
  • Testing
  • 985,937 LFT tests have been conducted in total in Tower Hamlets
  • Schools 
  • Higher case rates were observed amongst KS5 (16-17yrs) students
  • Impact
  • The number (241) of patients currently in hospital (Barts NHS Trust) for Covid-19 has increased, the number (5) in ICU beds has also increased.
  • 1 Covid-19 death has been reported up to 25th March.

Covid-19 updated from Director of Public Health: Our Director of Public Health, Dr Somen Banerjee, publishes a Covid-19 update to keep residents and partners informed about Covid-19 in Tower Hamlets. If you want to stay informed with latest Covid-19 information, you can read the update here.